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FV Foods Mississauga branch under the company name 2438394 Ontario Corp. is owned by spouses Alden and Dolly Calupig.

Alden Calupig is a licensed Civil Engineer in the Philippines and has worked with the government firm prior to his migration to Canada in the late 80's. In Canada, Alden runs his own general contracting company ACDC Contracting specializing in all types of renovations for more than 20 years serving different clients from Scarborough and other nearby areas. While running his own business, Alden also worked with different well known builder like Tridel and Paradise Homes. He also used to work with big company like Aecon doing Materials Testing.

Mrs. Dolly deLeon-Calupig on the other hand is not new to customer service business as she had been working for a retail management for more than 30 years up to the present and currently holds the position as Store manager. They are blessed with two sons, Lloyd Andrew who is currently taking up BS Accountancy and Aaron James who helps the family in running the FV Foods franchise as its Operations Manager.

Diosdado and Noemi Laguer are the franchisees of FV St Clair Branch under the company 1921361 Ontario Inc.

Diosdado Laguer is a graduate of BS Architechture and has 16 years work experience for the special projects of the Province of Ontario. Noemi Laguer is a graduate of BS Administration, Major in Accounting, She has 25 years work experience in a Financial Institution. She has been the Manager of FV St Clair when it opened in 2009. Now they are the owners of this branch. They have two children who help the business too.

By:  Food, Published on Tue Dec 02 2014

THE COOKIE: Filipino desserts are mostly cakes, sweets and pastries, so we loosened the definition of “cookie” when picking these date-walnut squares from FV Foods. Food for the Gods was historically eaten by the rich, but “now everybody can afford it,” says company president/CEO Mel Galeon. He only sells it in November and December as a Christmas treat.

THE BAKERY: FV Foods bills itself as a Filipino bakery with Asian cuisine. That’s because this five-branch chain is a grocery and bakery with a hot food takeout counter. Galeon has been building the company since 2000. The baked goods are made at FV’s Warden Ave. plant/head office. They’re also shipped to more than 80 retail stores, mainly Chinese supermarkets.

Don’t miss the yema candies, wrapped in colourful cellophone. They’re made by cooking condensed milk into a thick caramel and then mixing it with macapuno...

By: Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Toronto Star, Published on Tue May 07 2013

Mel Galeon started his bakery business with a gas stove and wok in a relative’s garage in Mississauga, selling homemade Filipino delicacies out of his car at community events. From a storefront in Toronto’s Little Manila to retail branches in ethnically mixed neighbourhoods in the suburbs, the evolution of Galeon’s business empire, FV Foods, over the last decade tells the story of how government policy plays a role in the way immigrants settle in Greater Toronto. Ethnic enclaves — a term sociologists use to describe areas with a concentration of a particular ethnic group and a cluster of commercial and institution activities — have been part of Toronto’s history ever since the presence of immigrants in Canada, though they were known by the less flattering term “ghettoes.” On Wednesday, Statistics Canada will release the latest immigration data results of its first voluntary National Household Survey, expected to shed light on the latest trends and information about the country’s...

When it rains, it pours. Truly it was a great rainy morning of September 08, 2012 as FV Foods opened its sixth branch. The celebration was started at exactly 9:00 a.m. It was a new day for our business as it took a higher ground. Truly it was a great blessing from the Lord that must be took care of. The celebration was started by thanks giving prayer and store blessing of Rev. Fr. Albert Macalipay. It was followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the President of Filipino Centre Toronto Mrs. Linda Cerredo Javier and my beloved mother from the Philippines Mrs. Violeta Albudin Vda. de Galeon. Our Bathurst Branch is another example of how FV Foods continues to invest in providing our customers and businesses with outstanding products and services. We were all excited about the opening and we invited the community to celebrate with us. We invited important people to witness and be part of our celebration namely: Mr. Allan & Helen Yao of Almanic Canada, Mr. Joseph Alilio of Forex Toronto, Charles of Bayan, Warren and Joy of D’Aoust of Pinoy World, Ariel Ramos from Media, Jose Baking...